Welcome to my blog.  Here’s a rundown on what this blog is about and a little about me:

My name is Jason Barr.  I am a former manager/engineer/disgruntled success addict who competed in the corporate rat race before deciding to jump the track and strike out on my own… sort of.  I’ve written a book about my experience that is to be published this fall (2008).  The book is entitled Prisoners of Our Own Success and it is being published by MORFX Press, a division of Missional Press.  If you’ve ever questioned why you put up with with the seemingly never-ending frustration of your career and you desire to do something that you are passionate about, I encourage you to read it.

This blog will be an extension of the topics covered in the book.  Postings will relate to career significance, the true definition of success, societal observations, rants about how dumb we can be, and what we want to be when we grow up.  Some subjects will be pretty deep, but I’ll try to add some levity to keep us from drowning.  This is meant to be an outlet for us to honestly consider our lives, ambitions, and reasons for putting up with a lack of fulfillment in our careers.