Apparently we are now cat owners. I’ve never liked cats… in fact I may have never really liked people who like cats – I’ve always been more of a dog person. Our dog, however, is almost 15 years old and we’re not sure how much longer we’ll be dog owners. Plus, I have to admit that having an outside cat to keep all the critters under control around the house wouldn’t be a terrible thing.

This cat showed up one day as we were having lunch on the porch. I tried to scare him away, but he actually walked toward me. Later, as I was doing some work outside, he was right underneath me the entire time. He’s really more like a dog than our actual dog. It’s been a week now and he is still hanging around (plus he has a name) so I guess he’s ours. About the name – Olivia made a comment that I finally had another boy around the house and he loves to follow me around, so she named him “Jason Junior”. I shortened that to JJ – I’m still not really a cat person.

Check out this video for an introduction to JJ by our correspondent, Amelia.