October 2013

It was a cool weekend in the North Georgia mountains last week – perfect for another fall festival.  We spent Saturday playing games, petting animals, and carving pumpkins at the Coosawattee River Resort Fall Festival located at a General Store that connects with an animal rescue shelter.


It was a really neat place.  The shelter takes in animals that were not receiving adequate care.  Most of them were kept in their designated areas, but there were a few wandering through the crowd.  It was in this crowd that Olivia got her first kiss from a scruffy-haired boy named Bo.


After getting a bite of lunch (with llamas wandering through the food line), we set down to work on our entry for the pumpkin carving contest.  I have to admit, I am extremely competitive and wanted to win, but I tried not to show it as they made the announcement. 

The first thing I noticed was that all but three of the entries had a basket of candy in front of them… obviously a participation prize for those that didn’t finish in the Top 3.  Our’s was one of those three.

Then they announced the third place winner… not ours.  Is it wrong to want to win everything so badly?  Next came the moment of truth.  The second place winner was… not us.  We took first place!  The girls went up to claim our prize, but I was probably the most excited out of the whole family.  The other great thing is that we actually spent the least amount of time carving our pumpkin.  It just goes to show that a little creativity can go a long way.



Note:  the following was written last Tuesday… sorry for the delay.

I’m sitting on the deck at our cabin this morning without internet access, so this post will be late getting online.  It’s a small price to pay for fall break.  I love being up here this time of year – especially in the mornings.  I sit on the deck while the air is still cool and crisp.  The sun filters through the leaves that are showing the early signs of their annual grand finale.  The birds chirp happily all around me.  I can hear the Coosawattee River rushing over its rocky riverbed down the hill.  I sip some fresh coffee while I take it in and a half naked preschooler joins me on the deck proclaiming that she needs more toilet paper… ok the last one wasn’t so serene.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t change a thing about this morning… besides the fact that fall break is over and we will be returning home today.  We packed quite a bit in over the course of a few days.  We went to the annual Apple Festival in Ellijay where ate some good food, bought some stuff we didn’t need, and watched the girls ride various animals.  Amelia did the standard pony ride, but big sister has moved on to bigger adventures.  She decided she needed to take the camel ride… the biggest ripoff of the festival.  The admission for one child was $7.  Her ride consisted in walking one circle that took all of 45 seconds.  I think I may invest in a camel.



We also took our annual trip to Burt’s Farm for our pumpkin picking.  We started this tradition when we moved to Georgia and have not missed a single year in the eight years that we’ve been here.  True to tradition, we took the same hay ride we do every year (we have the whole thing memorized by now).  Coincidently, the admission for one child on a 20-minute hay ride complete with diesel-powered tractor, covered wagon, talking pumpkins, and numerous decorations along the way is only $4 – about half that of a 45-second camel ride.  I cannot let it go. 

Hay Ride

Today’s plans include a hike (if the government didn’t shut down the park we were planning on visiting) and a little fishing.  After that, we head home and it’s back to school, work, and the daily grind.  At least we’ll be rested and just tired enough of each other to be ready to leave our 900 square-foot cabin.


The girls and a caterpillar we found during our hike.

The girls and a caterpillar we found during our hike.

We also found a turtle.

We also found a turtle.



I forgot that I have some training this week so there will be no post.

I forgot that I have some training this week, so I won’t be able to post anything. Well I could, it would just be a lot worse than normal.