January 2014

Life has been pretty nuts lately.  On top of the typical holiday rush, I have been extremely busy at work.  I have a lot of big company-wide projects that I am leading that involve me directing activities in 78 different facilities.  On top of that, our Director of Quality is no longer with the company.  While interviewing for a replacement, I am assuming those duties in addition to my regular ones.  Add to that my second round of grad school and it becomes apparent that I’m staying pretty busy.

But that’s not all.  With two young children, there is always plenty to keep me busy at home (four birthday parties this Saturday alone!).  I’ve also had a fair amount of home repairs and improvements to do lately.  Then there’s the three non-profits of which I am a board member.  It seems like there is never enough time in the day.

As I as wallowing in my despair and self-pity this morning, I was grounded by fact that my Crazy Aunt Cathy is undergoing surgery this morning to remove cancer and she is doing so with an admirable dose of grace and optimism.  Now all my “poor me’s” don’t seem that significant.

We all endure stress and hardship.  It is inevitable part of life.  The key to remember is that damaging stress is not caused by our circumstances.  Instead, it is caused by our response to them.

Stay strong and get well soon Aunt Cathy – a whole lot of us out here love you.


Our Christmas morning started early.  When we tucked the girls in on Christmas Eve, I told Olivia not to come down before 6:30 and I told Amelia not to come down until it started getting light outside.

The orders of a parent are nothing compared to the excitement of Christmas Eve.

I heard some noise aroud 3:47 am.  They had not yet come downstairs, but both girls were in Olivia’s room with the lights on playing in the floor.  “We’re too excited to sleep!”

I turned out the lights and told them to go to bed.  They then asked if they could sleep together in Olivia’s room.  I knew that this meant they would be in Olivia’s bed giggling, but obliged.

Around 5:20 am, I heard noise again.  This time it was downstairs.  I peaked out of our room and saw both girls sitting in the floor in front of the Christmas Tree and staring at it mesmerized.  They followed the rules and didn’t get into any presents, but it was taking every ounce of willpower in their tiny little bodies.

How could I resist this?

I woke up Sara who, surprisingly, was willing to get up that early.  We put on some coffee and let the girls go to work.  By 6:30, we were on our second pot of coffee and by 8:00 we had already watched A Christmas Story in its entirety.  When the parades finally started, it was lunchtime.

Yes, Christmas was a very, very long day… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.