It’s been a while since I did any “kids” postings and Olivia gave me a great opportunity this week.  Her preschool class filled out a questionnaire entitled “All About My Daddy!”  Here are her answers:

  •  How old is your Daddy?   31 years old (thanks, Liv)
  •  How much does he weigh?   4 pounds (take that, Kelly Ripa)
  •  How tall is he?   5 feet (give or take a foot)
  •  What color is his hair?   Brown (1st one she got right)
  •  His eyes?   Blue (back to wrong answers)
  •  When my Daddy relaxes, he likes to – go on the computer (it’s called work)
  •  He loves to cook – pizza (agreed)
  •  When my Daddy works – He fixes people’s stuff (I guess)
  •  His favorite TV show is – The news (I do like the news, but I haven’t seen it about three months because it interferes with iCarly, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Good Luck Charlie.  I hear we’re hot on the trail of UBL.)
  •  He likes to sing – Scooby Dooby Doo (but only the old-school version)
  •  Daddy always tells me – He loves me (Awwwww)
  •  It makes him happy when – I make him pictures (it’s true – she’s becoming quite the artist)
  •  I really love my Daddy because – He gives me presents (at least she appreciates me for something)