I turn 40 this year. I already have my progressive lenses (that’s the new politically correct way of saying “bifocals”)… I can’t sleep past 6:30… and I’m finding that injuries are coming more frequently and lasting longer.

I’ve always been a pretty active person. I work out daily, run whenever I can find the time, and spend as much time as possible outdoors. You would think that would keep me operating in top order, but now things just hurt more.

Just last week, something happened and I may be dealing with a hernia.  I’d like to say that I was lifting a tree or deadlifting 400 pounds, but no… I was play-wrestling with my 5 year-old girl. 

We have a game that the kids call “Bad Guy/Good Guy”.  I don’t know where they came up with the name, but I’m the bad guy.  Basically, I get down on the ground and they run at me full speed.  I catch them and do a sort of fake body slam.  At this point a bunch of tickling or fake punching ensues.  We generally continue this until someone cries.

Last week; however, it was me who had to throw in the towel.  My oldest, Olivia, outweighs her younger sister (barely), but is much more gentle.  She runs at me and slows down a little to soften the impact.  Amelia, on the other hand, is about as gentle as a mother grizzly bear with a caffeine buzz and serious anger issues.  She comes at me full speed and hits me like a linebacker.

As I lifted her up after one of her attacks, something gave.  It felt like something popped out pretty far north along my hip flexor.  I’m a week into it and still hoping that it’s a pull or strain, but I’ve had those before and this just seems different.  Also, I’m finding that my old tried and true method of ignore it and hope it goes away seems to be much less effective than it was in my younger years. 

I want to give it some more time before going in and getting it checked out and I can be very stubborn about these things.  Last year’s IT Band Syndrome left me unable to run much more than a mile or two without excruciating pain in my “one good knee”.  However, after waiting it out (for about six months), it finally went away – leaving me vindicated in my decision not to seek medical advice.

So here I am again… in pain, but too stubborn to do anything about it.  Yes – I know all about the medical risks and know I should probably have it checked out, so no need to nag about it. Like I said… I’m stubborn – it’s one of my biggest faults and greatest assets.