The girls have just one more week left of school and then summer vacation officially commences. I can’t believe Olivia will be a third grader and my baby will be in kindergarten, but I’m also proud of the girls they are growing up to be.

We kick off the summer with the girls’ annual trip to Nanna’s. Sara and I take the girls up for Memorial Day weekend and leave the kids there to spend some time gettin’ countryfied with the cows and chickens. They love it and I’m glad they have the opportunity to spend some extended time with my family. I know Nanna enjoys it – though I think she is silently thankful when she gets to hand them back over to us after a week of quality time.

We’ve already taken our family vacation this year, but Sara and I have another trip planned in June for our 15-year anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been that long. We’ve decided that there should be a 15-year “We Made It” shower because all of our wedding gifts are pretty much worn out now. Hey – it’s not fair that we have to buy gifts for friends who are remarrying while all our stuff is decomposing!

Hopefully it will be a fun summer with lots of time at the cabin and on the lake. Last year was kind of a wash out with all the rain and unseasonably cool weather. I want to make a concerted effort to maximize our time with girls. Olivia is already starting to spend time in her room with the door shut. That’s one of the reasons we got the cabin… with four of us confined to 968 square feet, solitude is not an option.

I look forward to the summer and hope all of you spend yours wisely.