Sara is in Nicaragua this week and I am doing my best to keep myself and two kids clothed, fed, bathed, and at the appropriate school/workplace. To tell the truth, I actually have a lot of help from Grandma… and children’s Benadryl.

Just kidding – I didn’t use children’s Benadryl… we were out, so I gave them adult strength.

Of course I’m kidding. Actually the kids are really good when Sara is gone. I guess they know how thin my nerves are when I have them by myself. In fact, Olivia has been a great helper. She even made the poster in the photo above to give mommy when she returns.

I have to share some of her writings on the poster with you. I will write them just like she did because part of what makes these so great is the words and spelling she used.

I have the best family in the wold. My family make’s me feel like I am safe and happy. I love my family so moch thay make me feel like I am a grat prsin. I wot to be a vet win I grow up. I love to go to scool. I hav lrnd a lot of stof. I can rede naw. Scool ad chajd my lif.

My cosins are the best cosins in the wold. I have tow boy cosins and one girl cosins. The boy’s are name Black and Matt. The gril cosin’s name is Bella. I love thim so moch. Thay or the best cosins in the wold.

Hi my name is Olivia and I love dog’s. I have a choclit labe. Her name is Maggie. I love her so much’s. Me and her play together. Me an her make a prfit (perfect) time (team). I love my dog so moch.

My hole family is a fan of Tennesse. I have a grat family. My Nana and Grindaddy have a pool. My Grama and Grappee have a big bak yord. I love my family so much.

There’s more, but you get the idea. Mommy will be sew prowd whin she gits hom.