Sara and I are getting ready to go to Nicaragua for a Medical Brigade.  This will be the first time that we have gotten to go together on a mission trip and we are very excited about it.  The grandparents are teaming up to watch the kids while we’re gone and I think they are tentatively looking forward to it.

Here’s some advice for them while we’re gone.


  • ·         If you think it’s chocolate but aren’t sure, don’t taste it – smell it first.
  • ·         You will have zero privacy for the next few days.  Showers, trips to the restroom, and sleeping are all community events.
  • ·         Prepare to spend at least 30 minutes every day looking for Bunny and Blankie.
  • ·         Remember – their powers are multiplied when they’re together.  Divide and conquer whenever possible.
  • ·         If you do anything wrong, Olivia will tell on you.  She is the Informant.
  • ·         The “Santa’s watching” bit still seems to be effective, but I think we’re stretching it.
  • ·         You’ll be watching a lot of Nickelodeon and Disney.  Good Luck Charlie, iCarly, and The Wizards of Waverly Place aren’t too bad.  Yo Gabba Gabba and Blue’s Clues will give you suicidal thoughts.
  • ·         There’s Benadryl in the medicine cabinet and we’re not above using it.
  • ·         Chicken tenders and French fries will be embraced at any time.  Go for it – by the time they grow up there’s no telling what statin drugs will be able to do.
  • ·         The house will be a wreck.  Get used to it.
  • ·         Don’t forget about the dog (she sometimes gets lost in the shuffle and barks at us after patiently waiting at the back door for an hour or so).
  • ·         Amelia will wear at least four sets of clothes a day and most of them will look hideous (pink tutu with boots and a Hello Kitty sweater).  There is nothing you can do about this.
  • ·         They are smarter than we think they are and they can manipulate effectively before their first permanent tooth comes in.  You’ll have to be on top of your game.
  • ·         However bad it is, remember you get to go home.  The chaos that you will endure is what we call home.


Thanks to the grandparents for helping us out!  There will be no post next week and I’ll update you our trip when we return.