My little girl is growing up!  Olivia got her first loose tooth Sunday and Monday was her first day of kindergarten.  We walked her into her classroom and took pictures all along the way.  She’s already embarrassed of us!  Instead of doing her cute little “cheese face” of yesteryear, she begrudgingly gave a tolerant look while I snapped photos.

Now our parenting is really being put to the test.  It’s one thing to get a child to do the right thing when you’re around – quite another to rely on the lessons you’ve taught them to guide their conscious when you’re absent.  I’m sure she will be exposed to new people, circumstances, and languages.  I just hope we’ve instilled in her the character to make the right decisions.

This is a difficult age for parents.  The older she gets, the less we can shelter her, and the more we have to trust her – yikes!  Fortunately she is a good kid and has a very good heart.  She’s always concerned about the wellbeing of others and rarely takes any unnecessary risks.  My two year-old on the other hand is a different story – just a few nights ago, I went into her room after she went to bed to turn out her light only to find her dancing on her bed naked.  I dread the day she begins to date.

We did have one hiccup on her first day.  We were encouraged to use the online payment system to pay for lunch – which we did the weekend before school started.  We followed the instructions and put a starting balance on her lunch account. Apparently the online payment system was experiencing a lot of traffic (who would have thought it would be busy on the first week of school?) and was slow processing the payments.  When Olivia went to the lunchroom on her first day of kindergarten, she was told that she didn’t have any money in her account and was not allowed to eat.  An adult told this to a five year-old!  Of course, this also meant that some of the other kids made fun of her as she sat there unable to eat next to them.   Needless to say, we had some damage control to perform that night and Papa Barr is had a conversation with the lunch authorities the next day.

Enough of that.  Here are some pictures of her first day.