Here’s a breakdown of our Disney World trip.  Those of you considering taking a child under two – don’t.  We started our trip with a visit to Downtown Disney for dinner.  It has grown tremendously since we lived down there eight years ago.  We went back to one of our favorite restaurants (Wolfgang Puck’s) and walked around for a couple of hours.  Notice Olivia’s new Thumper (that she bought with her saved up allowance) and Amelia’s glazed-over look that would remain for the next four days.

The Girls at Downtown Disney

The next day began with breakfast at Chef Mickey’s.  We got to meet many of the Disney characters and Olivia had a great time getting her picture made with them and adding them to her autograph book.




So far, so good.  We  had a few minor issues – Amelia fell off the hotel bed on her head right before she pooped on the floor (never walk barefoot in a hotel room), but things were going well up to this point.  After breakfast, we went to the Magic Kingdom.  It was still early, we were pretty well rested, and the oppressive heat and humidity had not yet set in.

What a difference a few hours makes!  After standing in line for a few hours in 95 degree heat and humidity that would make the Amazon seem like a desert, our attitudes and appearances changed drastically.  Amelia didn’t want to stand in line, didn’t want to be held, didn’t want to walk, and it was illegal to tie her to a post.  Olivia (who inherited my sweat gene) went from a sweet little princess to… well, the picture below:

She was able to rally long enough to meet Princess Jasmine and Aladdin, but we knew our day was quickly ending.

We were all tired, ill, sweaty, and hungry thanks to the magic of Disney.  We took the girls back to the room.  They didn’t nap the day before and went to bed late the previous night, so we thought they may rest a little before dinner.  Wrong!  We all got cleaned up and headed out for dinner.  A shower and 15 degree drop in the temperature made a world of difference.  We had a very good dinner and took a walk on Disney’s Boardwalk.


The next day, we went to Hollywood Studios.  Since we were staying in the park, we got to see the attractions an hour early.  At first, we were concerned that we might not be able to get up, get the girls ready, eat breakfast, and make it to the park by 8 am.   Then Amelia woke us (and the people in the adjacent rooms) at 5:30 am.

This was a much better day.  Most of the rides and shows were indoors and we already dropped back and punted on the concept of trying to do everything the park had to offer.

Taking what we learned from the previous day, we went back to the resort at 1 pm and jumped in the pool.  After it cooled off, we took another walk on the boardwalk, got dinner, and walked over to Epcot.  We had a great meal, which the girls capped off with a dessert of chocolate cake and lemons:


Overall, we had a great trip.  It was the typical family vacation… stressful, full of tension, exhausting, but only remembered for the great times that we had.  Amelia maintained the “I vow not to sleep” theme all the way home on the airplane… until the plane pulled up to the gate after we landed at which point, she was out like a light.  After lugging a large rollerbag, four backpacks, two strollers, and two kids back through the Atlanta airport; we got to our car and headed home.  Boy do I love being at home!